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Tic Tac Toe or How I Found the Heart of a Computer Program

On my second blog posting, I discussed how Tic Tac Toe, while a game, is so much more than that. Well, now that I’ve completed the Tic Tac Toe with Artificial Intelligence project, I can say that I’ve gone from competing with humans to competing with a computer to watching computers battle it out.

Are Objects Really Metaphors for Life?

As I progress through the curriculum, there are certain concepts that are emphasized over and over again. I guess, when you begin to internalize these concepts, becoming a programmer seems to be closer to reality. Just like Star Trek there is a primary directive in Ruby programming – Objects are metaphors for life!

Collaboration - In Code and In Life!

Why can’t we all get along? I’ve heard that for a very long time–even more so in today’s politics.

The Wonderful World of Hashes

It’s US Open time again. For those of you who are not absorbed in the world of professional tennis, the US Open is the 4th and final Grand Slam of the tennis season. So what has this event got to do with Hashes.

I'll Never Look at a Website the Same Way Again!

So, as I progress through the program and moved onto HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, I’ve discovered that when a webpage opens, I find myself thinking about are the columns floating, are there any media queries involved, was this website designed to Desktop Down or Mobile Up? In fact, I’m not sure I even pay attention to the content on the page. I find myself right clicking, selecting inspect and reviewing the html code and css style.