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Tech is Fun!

I'll Never Look at a Website the Same Way Again!

So, as I progress through the program and moved onto HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, I’ve discovered that when a webpage opens, I find myself thinking about are the columns floating, are there any media queries involved, was this website designed to Desktop Down or Mobile Up? In fact, I’m not sure I even pay attention to the content on the page. I find myself right clicking, selecting inspect and reviewing the html code and css style.

Is Tic Tac Toe Really A Game?

So for the first module, we’ve spent a lot of time learning that a simple childhood game, Tic Tac Toe, is more than it really seems. As we learn Ruby code, we learn that this game is as challenging as going from playing a flutaphone in grade school (playing the game) to playing an oboe in a concert hall (coding the game). What other challenges in life have we taken for granted and now as we move through the FlatIron curriculum realize not is all as it seems.

Why I Wanted to Learn to Code

In my professional career (in the world of public finance) by necessity I had to figure out a way for the municipal portfolio of insured bonds to be available in ways to monitor the portfolio. This means I had to be able to extract all insured Bonds from a particular state or geographic region, with a certain credit rating or range of credit ratings, with different sources of repayment. I worked with the IT department to develop the tools needed so that various analysts had access to this data. While I did not learn to code, I learned about communicating business requirements, processess, data integrity, internal audit controls, etc.